We are a startup dedicated to building advanced tools and solutions for the preparation and handling of samples for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM)


Biology's understanding of the fundamentals of living systems continues to rapidly improve. The knowledge of the mechanisms at work at a cellular and molecular level is enabling huge strides in understanding and preventing disease, developing medicines and vaccines and allowing an ever deeper understanding of living things.

An incredible tool for biologists is Cryo-EM, a Nobel-prize winning technology using cryo-electron microscopy that has been advancing in leaps and bounds in even that last 5 years. A critical component of Cryo-EM is the ability to accurately and repeatably prepare samples for the microscope.

Neoglacia builds advanced sample preparation workflows for cryo-EM that enable fast, reliable and repeatable production of biological samples. Our solutions are cutting edge in speed of freezing, control and reliability with ease-of-use being key. Our systems are designed with structural biologists in mind and are designed to let you focus on biology while we take care of the samples.

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Culture and team are extremely important to us. We are committed to fostering and preserving an inclusive and diverse environment to create a great place to work where we can contribute both to our efforts as a company, but also to a hugely important and exciting field. We look for and value diversity in backgrounds, talents, and ideas. Different points of view looking at the same problem enable new and innovative solutions. We welcome the unique contributions that are made possible by the broad collection of individuals that make up our company.

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